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Highlighting a Success Story – Emilee Shaheen

Several months ago, we started highlighting local teenage success stories and I have been lucky to meet some amazing students. We experience enough negativity in our news so I find these interviews refreshing and they give me a great deal of hope for the future. Recently, I had the opportunity to interview Emilee Shaheen, a 17 year old senior at Manogue High School.

Emilee has spent all of her life in Reno and lives with her parents and one brother that is a freshman at Galena. What impressed me the most about Emilee was her leadership skills that have contributed a great deal to her successes thus far. She started taking leadership classes her freshman year and then was elected to the Student Council for her sophomore, junior, and senior years. Currently, she is the Co-President of the senior class and also was elected as a Western Region Representative which means she represents many high schools throughout Northern Nevada and Northern California. She has been an Ambassador at Manogue which allows her to help promote the school and help the incoming students acclimate to high school life.
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Please Tell Me They Checked Your Ears

The election results from what I understand are a response to the country being angry at the current administration and change is wanted. The Republicans are being handed the responsibility to fix what is wrong with our country and they are being challenged to start with health care.

The Affordable Care Act (or Obamacare as it is nicknamed) is under attack and the Republicans apparently have the solution. They will not have the votes to repeal it, however, I don’t think any of the leaders really understand the problem.

Prior to the ACA, there was a clear line between the insured and the uninsured. There were people that wanted insurance and couldn’t buy it due to pre-existing conditions either making the coverage too expensive or causing companies to decline coverage all together. Every American can probably agree that if people want to pay for insurance, they should have the right to buy it. This provision of the ACA was a positive one, however, there were many things that came with it that have angered Americans. Read more