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    The show is an attempt to restore the greatness of the country one family at a time. Discipline is the foundation of success in all areas of life.
    Accountability, responsibility, hard work, and ethics comes from the home.
    Parents have to be leaders not friends. The decisions we make must not just be for ourselves but for our family, the community, and society as a whole.
    Parents can't sacrifice their authority for kindness. We must use our common sense to arrive at logical conclusions. Not religion. Not political affiliation. Not following the latest trends. About the show...

Contracts for Safe Driving

I recently had a daughter turn 16 and as I watch another group of kids that I have known start driving, it reminds me of the importance of talking to your children about the responsibility they are taking on. I encourage parents of new drivers to adopt a contract with their teenagers that cover all of your expectations. The following contract was originally written by Bruce Hagen, an attorney in Georgia, and modified with his permission by my daughter’s dad and me.

Driving Privileges Agreement:

I, __________________________, recognize that my parents are giving me permission to drive a car and I understand the responsibility that operating a car entails. I am aware that driving a car is a very serious matter. I agree to the following with my initials:
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Approaching The New Year With Family Goals

As we head into the Christmas week, it is hard to believe that 2014 is nearing an end and 2015 is just over one week away. The stress of Christmas is certain to have attacked most households and after this week we probably all will have spoiled our children and grandchildren just a little and maybe even put on some extra weight from all of the holiday cookies. It’s hard to imagine that it is already 2015 as I still have small traces of anxiety left over from the supposed Y2k bug from 2000! It is time to start thinking about the changes we want to make in the New Year and set goals for the entire family. In addition to the diet and work out goals you may be considering, let me encourage you to adopt one or all of the following resolutions for discipline in your home this year: Read more