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    Accountability, responsibility, hard work, and ethics comes from the home.
    Parents have to be leaders not friends. The decisions we make must not just be for ourselves but for our family, the community, and society as a whole.
    Parents can't sacrifice their authority for kindness. We must use our common sense to arrive at logical conclusions. Not religion. Not political affiliation. Not following the latest trends. About the show...

What Your Kids Need to Learn from the NFL

In the last several years, we have witnessed an alarming increase in the number of crimes committed by active NFL players throughout the league. These crimes have ranged from animal abuse to domestic violence to child abuse and have also included multiple convictions on drug and alcohol related charges. The responses from each team and the league in general have been weak and have sent the wrong message to the children that worship these players and wear their jerseys of their heroes. In light of all of the recent stories, regardless of your opinion on each particular punishment, as a parent I think it is important to talk to your children about each case and take a firm stance against breaking the law. If you need some guidance on what to say, the following is an example of what I have explained to my own children to help them through this crazy maze.
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If I Were the Dean of Discipline

I have had children in the public school system for more years than I care to admit and in that time have witnessed a transfer of responsibility for success from the student to the parent. This transfer is becoming so apparent that even the notes home from school imply that the parents need to step-up their supervision in order to get positive results from their children. Professors at the college level are even reporting unprecedented amounts of parental interference and involvement where none existed in the past.

My hope for the future is that the schools will encourage parents to back away from this type of involvement in their children’s school work, and instead establish that it is the job of the child to do their work and not the job of the parent. If I were the Dean of Discipline at any high school, I would write the following letter to the parents of my students:
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