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    The show is an attempt to restore the greatness of the country one family at a time. Discipline is the foundation of success in all areas of life.
    Accountability, responsibility, hard work, and ethics comes from the home.
    Parents have to be leaders not friends. The decisions we make must not just be for ourselves but for our family, the community, and society as a whole.
    Parents can't sacrifice their authority for kindness. We must use our common sense to arrive at logical conclusions. Not religion. Not political affiliation. Not following the latest trends. About the show...

Adjusting to the Pain of Children Leaving the Nest

My first child was born when I was only 23 years old. I felt ready at the time and my knowledge of parenting was that babies were sweet and cuddly and just adorable. I even thought that pregnancy was a magical time in life with the baby kicking and everyone just getting excited about the upcoming birth. There would be cute baby clothes at showers thrown by family and friends, and the excitement of finding out if we were expecting a son or a daughter. All of these things held true to a point, but nobody really ever talked about the hard parts of pregnancy. The appearance of swollen feet and water retaining fingers was a surprise that ultimately resulted in my wedding band being cut from my finger. The appearance of bloody noses out of nowhere and the total discomfort as I got bigger were also a shock as I slowly lost the capacity to take any good deep breaths. I actually broke a toe on my right foot hitting a table during the first signs of labor that proved to be rather uncomfortable for the long days in the hospital that were about to follow. Read more

Flunking the Rules of Civility

When I first started doing my radio show about two years ago, I had a panel of guests of various ages who discussed the Rules of Civility and Decent Behavior that George Washington had copied for a school assignment at the age of 16. The 110 rules were originally written by French Jesuits in 1595 and at their core really describe a life focused on other people rather than self-interests. How far we have come in 419 years, and it’s not a road well-traveled. Read more