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    Parents have to be leaders not friends. The decisions we make must not just be for ourselves but for our family, the community, and society as a whole.
    Parents can't sacrifice their authority for kindness. We must use our common sense to arrive at logical conclusions. Not religion. Not political affiliation. Not following the latest trends. About the show...

The Importance of Following Sound Medical Advice

In 42 years of watching and learning how the medical world spins, it has become apparent that the best advice comes from the doctors who earn the least. As a parent, there is so much conflicting data about how to appropriately protect our children from illnesses that many parents have stopped vaccinating their children altogether. They are going against the advice of the pediatrician (one that is willing to vaccinate their very own child) because of fear of what might be in the vaccines.

I am certainly not a doctor, but the evidence overwhelmingly supports vaccinating your children, and the data already suggests that serious diseases are making a comeback because people are choosing not to vaccinate. Whooping cough is becoming a threat again and this one is scary since it is already killing close to 200,000 people per year. The problem with whooping cough is that you have to have a booster for it so even if you vaccinated your kids and yourself, you will need to get the shot again. You may think you are vaccinated against it and then get exposed to it by an unvaccinated ill child. You could still get the disease, which might kill you, and was 100% avoidable. Read more

Highlighting Teenage Success Stories – Stephen Osborne

Last month, I decided to start writing a monthly segment that would highlight hardworking and community changing teenagers in the state. The response has been heartwarming, and I’m excited to have already interviewed many teenagers that I’ll write about in the coming months. The news is so often filled with negativity, and it’s hard to find things to motivate our kids. I encourage you to share these positive stories with your children as a way to inspire them to achieve goals and realize that many things are possible if they work hard and give back to the community. Read more