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    The show is an attempt to restore the greatness of the country one family at a time. Discipline is the foundation of success in all areas of life.
    Accountability, responsibility, hard work, and ethics comes from the home.
    Parents have to be leaders not friends. The decisions we make must not just be for ourselves but for our family, the community, and society as a whole.
    Parents can't sacrifice their authority for kindness. We must use our common sense to arrive at logical conclusions. Not religion. Not political affiliation. Not following the latest trends. About the show...

Highlighting Teenage Success Stories – Stephen Osborne

Last month, I decided to start writing a monthly segment that would highlight hardworking and community changing teenagers in the state. The response has been heartwarming, and I’m excited to have already interviewed many teenagers that I’ll write about in the coming months. The news is so often filled with negativity, and it’s hard to find things to motivate our kids. I encourage you to share these positive stories with your children as a way to inspire them to achieve goals and realize that many things are possible if they work hard and give back to the community. Read more

Break-ups in the Nasty World of Technology

I have been watching for years as teenagers, and even adults, go through a new set of social rules courtesy of existing technology that guide how you meet a new person and start dating. The traditional way of meeting is already completely changed with the use of cell phones, and most people have sent thousands of texts before they even meet a person face to face. This causes unrealistic expectations of the real personality behind the phone as it is very easy to sound like something you aren’t when writing an e-mail or a text. Teenagers may sound braver than they should and even get caught up in the dare of sending an inappropriate picture to a potential boy or girl that they like. These pictures can come back to haunt them when they are job searching, looking for a college someday or even be used against them when they no longer communicate with the recipient of the picture. Read more